Research summary

The primary focus of the Knowledge Translation Unit’s research work is to test the effectiveness, acceptability and cost-effectiveness of our programmes on the quality of care and outcomes for patients. We employ mixed methods approaches, conducting qualitative and economic evaluations alongside pragmatic trials completed in real world settings. The outcomes of these evaluations have contributed to the uptake of our programmes at a provincial and national level within South Africa, and elsewhere.

To date, we have completed and published four large randomised controlled trials involving between 15 and 40 clinics, with 2,000 to 15,500 patients enrolled (1, 2, 3, 4). These trials have demonstrated multiple, modest, but consistent and reproducible, positive effects on the quality of care provided by clinics which have received our interventions. These benefits extend to health outcomes, and we have shown positive effects on weight gain among HIV positive patients, gains in CD4 counts, reduced mortality among some patient subgroups and no adverse effects of the nurses' expanded scope of practice. The qualitative evaluations have shown that this combination of simplified guidelines, on-site interactive training and task-shifting prescribing is highly valued by nurses, doctors and managers working in resource-constrained primary care settings (5, 6). The economic evaluations have shown increased utilisation of primary care associated with increased costs, which are partially offset by reductions in the number and length of hospital admissions (7, 8).

Other research has used data collected for the trials to estimate the effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment on mortality, TB incidence and outcomes (9, 10). We have also collaborated with other researchers to model waiting times for ART and survey reasons for encounter among people attending primary care clinics in South Africa (11).

Two other large, pragmatic, cluster randomized trials have just closed. Data collection for the PRIME and COBALT trials closed in December 2017, and data are currently being analysed. The protocol papers of the two trials have been published (12, 13). An e-version of PACK has been evaluated and roll-out started in July 2016. A package for undergraduate medical students has been implemented and evaluated at the University of Stellenbosch, and it showed that the use of PACK in the final phase of undergraduate medical education improved their performance in primary care. The Development and process evaluation of the PACK Child intervention in the Western Cape Province commenced in October 2017 and the study will be completed in June 2019. For details on each of our projects, see the section on past or current research projects.

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number of individual recommendations in the PACK Global Adult guide

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