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Bridging the gap between what we know and what we do in healthcare

Our Vision is to improve the quality of primary healthcare for underserved communities through pragmatic research, evidence-based implementation, evaluation, and engagement of health systems, their planners, providers and communities.

Scott Mahoney attended the 2023 Grand Challenge Event in Dakar, showcasing the AI evidence scanning app that uses ChatGPT-4 to analyse text-based medical content sets that he developed.

The Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU) has two affiliations:

The academic and research component affiliated to the Department of Medicine at University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

The health services component, a Not-for-Profit (NPO) organisation forming part of The Health Foundation South Africa.

Guide development & maintenance

Ongoing commitment to provide up-to-date clinical decision support through frequent updates and localisations of the PACK guides that cover a life-course approach.

Training programs

Health systems strengthening by developing and providing access to engaging, high quality and up to date healthcare training and implementation strategy and support.

Implementation science

Through health systems research, we ensure our clinical decision support tools are impactful for uptake into routine practice for improved quality and effectiveness of health services delivery.

Clinical Innovation

Providing impactful clinical innovation that aims to improve patient outcomes and access to quality care through novel and cost-effective solutions.

Health Systems Strengthening

Through roles clarification, streamlining patient journeys and empowering clinical scopes of practice.

PACK - Practical Approach to Care Kit


PACK (Practical Approach to Care Kit) is a health systems strengthening intervention that simplifies, standardises, and optimises the delivery of primary care. PACK consists of a comprehensive clinical guide and a training program, both designed to seamlessly integrate into everyday clinical practice.

The PACK clinical guide serves as a robust clinical decision support tool, symptom-based approach, enabling efficient screening and diagnosis of common ailments, including priority chronic conditions. Furthermore, the guide facilitates routine care for patients managing one or multiple chronic conditions.

Our comprehensive approach to healthcare through the lens of the life course guidelines are  PACK Child, PACK Adolescent and PACK Adult. In addition we have developed PACK Community and PACK Home.

Clinics in SA use PACK
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