Guides and Samples of Guides

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Copyright Notice: The University of Cape Town Lung Institute (Pty) Ltd has recently assigned all of its rights, title and interest in and to PACK, including all the original works and material used by the University of Cape Town Lung Institute (Pty) Ltd in the preparation and development of PACK, to the Desmond Tutu Health Foundation NPC.

Guides (Full Versions)

PACK Western Cape 2021
Adult Primary Care (APC) 2019/20 (print version)
Adult Primary Care (APC) 2019/20 (eBook)
PACK Brasil Adulto: versão Florianópolis 2020 (eBook)
PACK Brasil Adulto: versão nacional 2020 (eBook)
PACK Global Adult 2018
PACK Global Adult 2018 (eBook)

Samples of Guides

PACK Adult Global 2018
PACK Adult Western Cape 2020
PACK Child Western Cape 2017/2018
Adult Primary Care 2019/20
PALM Plus 2011/12 (Malawi)
PACK Botswana Adult 2013
PACK Brasil Adulto 2020
PACK Nigeria Adult 2018/19
Ethiopian Primary Health Care Clinical Guidelines 2017