Guides and Samples of Guides

Guides (Full Versions)

PACK Western Cape 2020 (print version)
PACK Western Cape 2020 (eBook)
Adult Primary Care (APC) 2019/20 (print version)
Adult Primary Care (APC) 2019/20 (eBook)
PACK Brasil Adulto: versão Florianópolis 2020 (eBook)
PACK Brasil Adulto: versão nacional 2020 (eBook)

Samples of Guides

PACK Adult Global 2018
PACK Adult Western Cape 2020
PACK Child Western Cape 2017/2018
Adult Primary Care 2019/20
PALM Plus 2011/12 (Malawi)
PACK Botswana Adult 2013
PACK Brasil Adulto 2020
PACK Nigeria Adult 2018/19
Ethiopian Primary Health Care Clinical Guidelines 2017