COVID-19 Resources for the Public

Advice for people at high risk of severe COVID-19

Advice for diabetics

9 July 2020

High risk patient

14 July 2020

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Advice for families of people with COVID-19

Hospitalisation of a loved one

22 June 2020

Loved one is seriously ill

22 June 2020

Loss of a loved one

3 July 2020

Care at home

Home care

22 July 2020

How to isolate and quarantine

27 July 2020

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Protect yourself in Public

Using public transport

7 May 2020

Taxi driver and conductor

29 April 2020

How to shop safely

8 May 2020

How to work safely – general workplace

8 May 2020

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Protect yourself in your environment

Keep home surfaces clean

14 June 2020

Frequently touched objects

14 June 2020

Safety at school

11 June 2020

Coronavirus in Cape Town - Winter 2020

29 May 2020

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MASKS: What you need to know

18 May 2020

5 Golden Rules of Good Hygiene

18 April 2020

Hand hygiene

27 May 2020

Social distancing

26 May 2020

Using shared toilets and taps

26 May 2020

Medication advice

23 March 2020

COVID-19 testing and facility care

Criteria for testing

3 June 2020

Isolation in a facility

27 May 2020

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Using public transport: taxis
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Advice for travellers
Advice for travellers (optimised for landscape screen display)
General advice
Advice for travellers
Workplace Advice
Let’s Stop the Spread (Prevention)
Coronavirus, the new normal (Prevention)
How to clean and disinfect surfaces