COVID-19 Global Material and Localisations

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Editable material templates (MS Word and PowerPoint)

These resources have been created in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint so that they can be easily localised for any setting. Please be advised that the items highlighted in purple require editing.
Please also note that if dotted lines are visible, these are invisible table borders that are shown to make the structure of the document evident and thus easy to edit.
Localisers need to check latest WHO guidance:

First Line Facility Management of Possible COVID-19
MASKS: What you need to know (Leaflet)
General advice (Leaflet)
Let’s Stop the Spread (Poster)
Let’s Stop the Spread (Leaflet)
Travellers advice (Leaflet)
How to isolate at home (Leaflet)
Workplace advice (Leaflet)
Hand hygiene (Poster)
Social distancing (Poster)
Using shared toilets and taps (Poster)
How to clean and disinfect surfaces (Poster)
Mental Health for Health Workers (Leaflet)
Live separately with COVID-19 (Leaflet)
Look after yourself with COVID-19 (Leaflet)
Take care of your COVID-19 symptoms (Leaflet)

Practice healthcare safely posters

  • 5 moments of hand hygiene
  • How to wash hands
  • Entrance screening
  • Protect yourself
Patient care areas
  • Clean and disinfect
  • PPE - what to wear
  • PPE donning
  • PPE doffing
  • Workstations
  • What to do before work
  • What to do after work
  • Using public trnsport
  • Taking breaks

Archived content

Mask use for Health Workers
First Line Facility Management of Possible COVID-19 (editable)
First Line Facility Management of Possible COVID-19 (Brazil)