Western Cape, South Africa

The KTU has a long-standing relationship with the Western Cape Department of Health. Situated on the south-western coast of South Africa, the Western Cape province is the fourth largest of nine provinces, and the third most populated, with an estimated 6.6 million inhabitants (1). This province has served as a test bed with the KTU working closely with the Western Cape Department of Health in both developing and evaluating all aspects of the programme - the clinical content for the PACK guide, the training approach, health systems strengthening elements and monitoring and evaluation components.

PACK Western Cape Adult started as a research project in the Eden district of the province and was subsequently launched as a provincial programme in March 2014. Since then, 35 Master Trainers have been trained to manage the programme and 331 Facility Trainers capacitated to cascade the training to clinicians at facility level. 2640 clinicians have received PACK training covering, all primary care facilities in the province. Since 2014, four annual editions of the PACK guide have been published to reflect updated policy and National and Provincial Department of Health guidelines along with the input of often over 100 trainers and clinicians using the guide. Over 33 000 hard copies have been distributed within public sector primary care facilities.



PACK has become embedded in the Western Cape health system and has been used as a tool to shape various health system improvements like prescribing frameworks and clinic flow. It has been included in the National Department of Health Ideal Clinic initiative as essential clinical guidance that must be present in consulting rooms and staff must be trained on it.

Below is a comment from a PACK trainer:

“Being a PACK trainer is an empowerment because you get phone calls from facilities you see them asking for something that is on the circular or guideline, you don’t have to look for that specific circular, you can just take your PACK guideline and refer to what it says and take the person back to their guideline.”

(PACK Trainer, Western Cape Metro district)


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Page reference
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