South Africa

Adult Primary Care

Adult Primary Care (APC), formerly known as Primary Care 101 (PC 101) is tailored to reflect National Department of Health guidelines and policies. APC was introduced in 2011 into public sector primary care initially as a pragmatic randomised trial in the Eden and Overberg districts of the Western Cape. It has since been introduced throughout primary care facilities in South Africa in support of National Department of Health policy initiatives like Nurse-Initiated Management of Antiretroviral Treatment (NIMART) and currently forms a central clinical component of the government’s Ideal Clinic Initiative (1).

APC continues to be scaled up in South Africa using a cascaded model of educational outreach training. Provincial health department leaders have selected Master Trainers to roll out the training programme at district and facility level. District Support Partners have been trained to support APC implementation.

APC forms part of the national nurse authorisation process whereby nurses are mentored in using the APC guide and need to show competence in patient management to be authorised to prescribe certain medication.

The KTU is currently partnering with the TBHIV care consortium and working in the Eastern Cape Province alongside the Provincial Department of Health regional training centre to embed APC into the health system.

APC also forms part of the MHINT (Mental Health INTegration) programme which aims to strengthen identification and management of patients with comorbid common mental disorders. Primary Health Care workers are trained in an additional APC mental health module which equips them to diagnose and manage patients with mental disorders. Other components of this programme include developing a District Mental Health Care plan, Clinical Communication Skills and training of lay counsellors.

The latest version of APC is available as a PDF download: Adult Primary Care Guide. This version is currently being updated, for release early 2019, to align with the National Department of Health’s Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Medicines List, 2018 and to reflect policy changes in areas such as the management of Drug-resistant TB, STIs and HIV.


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