PACK Localisation Package

There has been considerable interest from over 40 countries in localising the PACK programme to strengthen their primary health care service delivery. The KTU aims to work collaboratively with Ministries of Health implement a localised PACK programme. The PACK Localisation package is designed to enable an in-country team to localise the PACK Global guide and training materials and implement the PACK programme as efficiently and robustly as possible.

The PACK localisation package consists of a Localisation Manual that outlines the localisation process, a Localisation Toolkit that comprises a set of tools required to localise the PACK guide and training materials and mentorship support from the Knowledge Translation Unit PACK Global Implementation Team: the PACK Programme delivery lead, PACK guide and training programme mentors and KTU graphic design team.

The mentorship support can vary in intensity and can include initially introducing the PACK programme and localisation process to the in-country team, helping to scope the in-country localisation work and create a localisation schedule and assisting with editing and completing guide pages and deciding the training priorities that inform in-country training programme localisation.

To help prepare for the 6-month localisation process we recommend a localisation workshop with the PACK Global Implementation Team and a localisation test-run of a few PACK Global guide pages and training cases to familiarise the in-country localising team with the localisation process and tools. The mentorship can extend to supporting the initial pilot of the programme and further scale which makes provision for regular updating of the guide and training programme.


Manual for PACK localisation and pilot preparation

Manual for PACK localisation and pilot preparation: contents