The Practical Approach to Care Kit – PACK – is used by health workers and community health workers in their everyday work to care for patients at the clinic and in the community – PACK Adult, PACK Adolescent, PACK Child and PACK Community.

PACK Home is designed for people seeking more information about how to care for their own health and that of their family at home. Collect and read all the PACK Home volumes in English, Afrikaans or Xhosa.

Volume 1: Be coronavirus safe

Volume 2: COVID-19 at home

Volume 3: Chronic conditions at home

Volume 4: Be coronavirus safe at school

Volume 5: Mother and baby health at home

Volume 6: Child health at home

Volume 7: Adolescent health at home

Volume 8: Adult health at home

Volume 9: Care of the very ill at home

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Volume 1

Be coronavirus safe

Updated: 22 December 2020

Volume 2

COVID-19 at home

Updated: 22 December 2020

Volume 3

Chronic conditions at home

Updated: 13 January 2021

Volume 4

Be coronavirus safe at school

Updated: 26 January 2021

PACK Home was developed by the Knowledge Translation Unit, University of Cape Town Lung Institute in partnership with the Western Cape Department of Health. Its content has drawn on the input of many people working in health care. We thank all those who informed and reviewed the content of PACK Home:


Contributors to Community resources
  • Kerrin Begg
  • Marika Champion
  • Beth Engelbrecht
  • Saadiq Kariem
  • James Kruger
  • Byron La Hoe
  • Hassan Mahomed
  • Shaheen Mehtar
  • Warren Parker
  • Inge Peterson
  • Ruwayda Petrus
  • David Pienaar
  • Jantjie Taljaard
Knowledge Translation Unit PACK Home team
Programme design:
  • Ruth Cornick
  • Daniella Georgeu-Pepper
  • Robyn Curran
  • Faye Eshraghi
  • Lara Fairall
  • Nabeelah Kleinsmith
  • Pearl Spiller
  • Izak Vollgraaff

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