Faye Eshraghi

Head of Operations
<h4>Faye Eshraghi</h4><h6>Head of Operations</h6>

Contact details

Tel: +27 21 406 6230
Email: [email protected]

Faye Eshraghi studied communication science and later business administration. She started her career in the Aviation industry in various roles which took her traveling to many destinations around the world. Early experience in the global sphere brought upon an understanding of working across boarders and in cross cultural environments.

On returning to Cape Town after 12 years of traveling and commuting between two cities she stumbled upon her passion in healthcare business management. She developed expertise in business administration, human resources, finance and project management in both acute and primary healthcare.

After gaining valuable experience in corporate, she followed her dream to work for a social enterprise like the Knowledge Translation Unit that impacts healthcare and policy making globally. She manages the unit’s business administration focusing on financial, human resources, grant administration and operational management. Faye is currently completing a master’s dissertation titled “Developing a model for globalization of a health innovation for philanthropic outreach”

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