Dr Tracy Eastman

KTU & BMJ, Head of Global Delivery
<h4>Dr Tracy Eastman</h4><h6>KTU & BMJ, Head of Global Delivery</h6>

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Tel: +44 79 4430 2587
Email: [email protected]

Tracy Eastman is a medical doctor and health manager, trained at the University of Cape Town. After five years working in general and rural clinical practice in South Africa, Canada and the UK (1992-97), she worked as a health manager responsible for O&G and Paediatric service delivery in the Western Cape, South Africa (1998-2000), followed by nine years implementing Health IT systems in hospitals in South Africa (2001-2004) and the UK (2005-2010). Tracy joined the BMJ Evidence Centre, Clinical Decision Support team in 2010 and was Director of the Evidence Centre from 2012 to 2014. She has led the University of Cape Town Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU) / BMJ partnership since 2015, where her role is Director of Global Development for PACK.

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