The KTU-BMJ Partnership

The KTU recognised the need to partner with an organisation which had a robust evidence horizon-scanning, appraisal, grading, and synthesis process in place to support creation and updating of the PACK guide content. The BMJ is one of the few organisations in the world that has such a "Knowledge Centre" in place. The BMJ Knowledge Centre includes approximately 50 internal team members and several thousand external contributors and peer reviewers. The Knowledge Centre team is able to provide daily evidence-updates via an automated process, which supports the KTU editors to continually update the PACK guide content, supplementing the ongoing weekly review and incorporation of all new WHO guidance.

In addition, the KTU team needed to partner with an organisation who are a trusted global healthcare organisation and who have the footprint and reach to manage the considerable interest from countries outside of South Africa and support delivery of the PACK programme in multiple countries worldwide. The KTU recognised that the BMJ fulfils both of these key requirements and shares a strong alignment with the strategic mission and goals of PACK, i.e. enabling a "Healthier World" and "improving primary health care, especially in underserved communities".